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Onkyo TX-SR313 is flirting with a low price even with high-quality, discreet Wide Range Amplifier Technology, while remaining in the same design as in 2011. An iPod or iPhone can be connected directly and digitally, even a simple GUI with overlay capability via HDMI on board. The “Advanced Music Optimizer” makes for a good sound with heavily reduced data file formats like MP3. Onkyo TX-SR313 puts out 100 watts of power, and the audio signal processing is performed by a 32-bit DSP chip. Four DSP modes for PC and console games are also on board: Rock, Sports, action and role-playing. There are a lot of options for 400$ price range.

Design and Connectivity

Onkyo TX-SR313 comes in two different colors. You can go with the plain black model or silver design that depends on your room setup and furniture that you have. There are a small number of connection ports found on the front including a phones jack, aux inputs and a USB port. There is master volume control along with several buttons for choosing the input with ease, and it’s very easy to use. It has 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, front USB, and A/B speaker ports from rear side and a bunch of  analog outs, components etc.

The TX-SR313 AV receiver offers high-quality design features. Onkyo’s Wide Range Amplifier Technology is also on board, which improves the signal to noise ratio of the amplified audio signal, which gives a clear and pure sound. The noise is reduced at all frequencies, so the acoustics for exceptionally dynamic source material are consistently well. This is achieved through an amplifier design with low negative feedback holding, Onkyo also relies on “closed” ground loops in order to reduce the noise of individual circuits effectively. Due to the short current rise time the TX-SR313 is able to neutralize the induction energy back to the speaker and to avoid impedance fluctuations.

This model doesn’t only own a powerful 32 bit DSP processor for audio signal processing, but also high-quality D / A converters, well of course reasonably high-quality in the price range. For the entry-level TX-SR313 is not only relatively cheap, but already has design features of the more advanced devices. Onkyo has better equipment than to compromise on the fundamental basic equipment – in other words, do not prefer clean loudspeaker measurement system and any network features, but high-power amplifier layout and good D / A converter. In the case of TX-SR313 there are 192 kHz/24-bit D / A converters from Burr-Brown.

onkyo tx-sr313 front

Onkyo TX-SR313 front


The Onkyo TX-SR313 is targeted towards the  audience that want a very simple controls for their AV receiver. Onkyo separates itself from the competition in terms of usability with the InstaPrevue feature. This is a very useful feature for people who have 4 or more devices hooked up to their HDMI ports because it is easy to switch between inputs with the onscreen interface to change on the device you want with easy user interface represented with thumbnails in the bottom of the screen. This is a great improvement because you can see on the thumbnails a live footage on what is currently on HDMI sources instead of giving them names.

In package of TX-SR313 there is also remote control. Front USB port is compatible with iPod and iPhone units so any MP3, AAC, WMA and FLAC files found in the device can be played. The remote control can also be used to control the iPod or iPhone. The sound quality is improved because the audio signals are transported in digital. This USB port can accept flash drives as well as long as the aforementioned file types are present. The Onkyo remote is also designed to integrate with the Apple TV making Onkyo TX-SR313 and Apple TV great dinamic duo.

One of the biggest improvements in the Onkyo 2012 series is that the TX-SR313 has the new hybrid standby feature that brings down the power consumption while still keeping your HDMI components connected. And it’s a great plus for us. But still there is something that we don’t like and that is speaker connectors, because we think that in 2012 Onkyo could change it a little bit. But overall we are really satisfied with possibilities of this great device in its price range.


Onkyo TX-SR313 Back

Onkyo TX-SR313 Back


With regard to its basic design, we think that Onkyo TX-SR313 managed extremely well. The smallest Onkyo AV Receiver offers very powerful antretende amplifiers that have no problems with the supply of floor standing speakers in front – that’s anything but a matter of course in reasonable price ranges. Furthermore, to emphasize the linear and precise control of the powered sub woofer – the user should use a high quality copy, you will be rewarded with deep and rich bass. The TX-SR313 has very stable levels by the discrete power amplifier assembly bends not the AVR, even at lows. Only when one operates close to its maximum volume, it shows that the frequency spectrum is curtailed but it’s normal in this price range and to be honest who listens music on maximum power. We really liked that natural sound and space which is extended across all channels with great surround sound setting.

For example, in the David Gilmour: Remember That Night – Live At The Royal Albert Hall [Blu-ray] (2007). During the entire live performance puts the little TX-SR313 over backward and opened a clear, powerful bass response, which also has a listening room just over 20 square fills with rich bass. Effects are presented with very good space, the midrange is clean and has well outlined structures. Whether in ”High Hopes” or ”Time” – the bass with surprising hardness, the homogeneous transitions Front Surround and impeccable spaciousness enter into a winning combination. The rest of the music was rich and full of details.

In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” must prove to the TX-SR313 on how good he is ready for action-packed adventures. In the 2nd Chapter large hangar doors opened with bang – which is possible thanks to the precise control of the powered sub-woofer and the bass good supply of the main speakers through the final stages of the Onkyo very convincing. The music, the TX-SR313 operates a convincing and provides a good differentiation of the entire soundscapes. Smaller effects such as by loading the weapons are also detected fine. So when the weapon of Indy falls to the ground and – of Indy intended – solves a shot, breaks out the chaos, shots, moving vehicles, hard punches, and the exciting music mingle to create an explosive cocktail, the who is taking strong Onkyo much seasoning gives.

Onkyo TX-SR313 Remote

Onkyo TX-SR313 Remote


The Onkyo TX-SR313 can easily be known as one of the best entry models of A/V receivers ever in its price range. It has great build quality and construction. From options it has everything most users will ever need. It has some characteristics that can be seen in larger models and some sound characteristics too. For example power section is really good and D/A converter through entire inner layout. But like we said Onkyo TX-SR 313 is absolutely great entry-level model but you can call us picky we will give it one little minus and that is speaker connectors…

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