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After our satisfaction with Onkyo TX-NR 616 here comes his older brother on the test from the upper mid range series in terms of sound and features and that is TX-NR 717. It is THX Select 2 Certified model with 110W per channel and 7.2 channel amplifier. There are also discreet output stage components . Onkyo TX – NR717 is also full of connections and options so here we go let’s see what it offers.


Onkyo continued with the last years design so we have really simple and functional design of the front panel that we really like. From the far left side we have Power on and standby button. Below on the far left there are pure audio button, tone selector, phones input and frontal HDMI input. In the center there is beautifully designed display that is showing you every needed information about what is currently going on. Below the display we have set of buttons for input selecting and on the far right there is volume knob and below it there is front USB connector with setup microphone in and video out.

Onkyo TX-NR717 Front

Onkyo TX-NR717 Front

From the rear side there are bunch of different connectors like we used to see at Onkyo. On the rear side there are 11 different speakers connectors for different use from standard 5.1 home theater to the different combinations with other zones. Rear USB port and ethernet port are also on the back. We have 7 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs with 3 digital coaxial inputs and 2 optical inputs . There are line outs for 2nd and 3rd zone and 2 sub woofer inputs with bunch of standard audio inputs. For video there are composite and component combinations. So in terms of connection all we can say that Onkyo TX-NR 717 has every combination of connections you could desire.

Onkyo TC-NR717 Back

Onkyo TC-NR717 Back


The most important features of Onkyo TX-NR 717 are Marvell Qdeo 4K upscaling and processing that is preparing it for the future generation of 4K displays. There is also Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) for contents from smart phones that is giving you the picture in picture input source preview with Onkyo’s InstaPrevue Technology. For calibration of room and speaker sound there is Audissey’s 2EQ system that could be upgraded to be honest. Onkyo TX-NR 717 is fully equipped for networking. Onkyo made control app for smart phones. There is also DLNA certification for network streaming from computers. From internet services that are supported directly out of the box most important ones are: Pandora, Spotify. Rhapsody, Sirius/XM, Last FM, iRadio, Aupeo and MP3 tunes. The most beautiful thing we really liked is the option of HDMI overlaying that is allowing you to access graphical user interface without switching inputs. So what do we have here? Onkyo TX-NR is feature giant so if you are looking receiver for home use Onkyo is for you. If you are looking receiver for professional use Onkyo is also for you, and if you looking a really good equipped receiver that can last for years Onkyo is also for you:)! So In terms of features and options and connections Onkyo TX-NR 717 is THE BOMB!


For the start we test ONKYO TX-NR 717 with audissey speaker setup and we weren’t satisfied cause we heard that it can give it more because of the older version of Audissey. When we got what we needed we went to testing the internet services and Airplay. Everything worked flawlessly from the start and because of the Burr Brown DAC inside of the TX-NR 717 sound was almost perfect for this price range. Latter we tested it with The Avengers Blu Ray and all we can say is WOW! What a picture, what a sound! Picture was sharp with dynamic and warm colours full of details and precision. Action sound scenes were almost brutal. Power the amps and details is amazing especially for this price range. With stereo test we are also more than satisfied we put some test SACD’s on the test and we were pleasantly surprised with details and natural approach in sound. Onkyo TX-NR 717 rule!


Onkyo TX-NR 717 is mid range receiver in the price but he is upper mid range class in the terms of options, connections, features and above all sound and picture quality. Onkyo TX-NR 616 is great model for his price range but in our opinion no one can beat what Onkyo did with TX-NR717. Best Buy.

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