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Flagship model for Marantz series of Audio Video receivers for 2012 is Marantz SR7007. Saul Marantz started his business in basement and today Marantz is one of the leading Hi – Fi companies in the world. After some experimenting what we seeing here is one great device with serious looks, sound and functions. It is 7.2 channel model with 125 W per channel. With Airplay, DLNA certified, Internet radio. Marantz has made a really good deal with this one, giving you everything you need. Let’s start reviewing this beast!

Design and connectivity

For start Marantz SR 7007 is very handsome looking receiver. Directly looking at the front panel you can see the beautiful curves around the sides. From the right side we have Input Selector knob and below it there is Power Button. In the center we can see the porthole display the Marantz’s mark. When you open the door there is also one alpha numeric display that is giving you the most important information about what is connected or playing at the exact moment. Beneath the door there we can see navigation controls. There is also front USB and HDMI connector, phone jack is also on the front panel, together with audio and video jacks. Option for remote control for your iPhone can help you in case of loosing your remote cause you have most of the functions on this great front panel and other functions you need are on the remote app.

Marantz SR7007 FRONT

Marantz SR7007 FRONT

From the rear side we can see so many connections we could lose in them, but that is what we are expecting for a relatively expensive machine. So we have 6 HDMI inputs together with 3 HDMI outputs. Bunch of standard audio inputs for everything you can imagine. There are also Component inputs 2 digital coaxial inputs and 2 digital optical inputs. We also have 2 sub woofer outputs and Ethernet port. Those are the only the connectors you really need so we are giving you the opportunity to play a little with this beast to find something on your own!


Marantz SR7007 back


  •  Networking and Airplay that let you stream Internet radio services and music directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod.
  • 3D and 4K high-resolution video support that let’s you play newest 3D movies and sound together with one future use feature and that is 4K upscaling
  •  Audissey technology for calibrating your room and speaker for better results
  •  GUI ( Graphical User Interface) that is very friendly and smart phone app for basic control of the device
  •  Connections for everything you need or you will need in the future


For Home Theater test we used the Game of Thrones blu ray edition cause we had to feel some atmosphere, music, dialogue and some fights details. From the opening scene of GOT we were shocked with details in music. Latter with the snow melting with every step was so detail we could almost feel being there. Every detail was there, you can hear the emotions from the voice of the actors, action scenes were almost real and the picture was nothing but amazing. We tested it with some other blu ray editions like Blade Runner, Avatar and Avengers and everywhere we were left with the feeling that this is the maximum one receiver can go.

For stereo test we used the Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on the vinyl of course. Phono pre from Marantz SR 7007 is amazing for pre that is built in one receiver. Sound was warm, natural, precise and full of details, we couldn’t expect more from this device but we were shockingly surprised.


Marantz SR 7007 is one serious device that will leave you with your mouth wide open from shock. It is not cheap but you get everything and more for its price. It is for every day use, and beyond like for example it could find its place in custom installation as well in apartment of hard-core audiophile. If you have money buy this and don’t think about upgrade for a very long time!

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5 stars
  • Joey

    In terms of just sound quality and video processing, other than 7:2, is this any better that the 7005?