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Marantz SR6007 is midrange SR receiver from Marantz’s 2012 line of SR receivers with some features of the high-end series. We have some new and cool features, like easy on-screen set-up. Marantz SR6007 is a great looking 7.2 channel A/V receiver and it has 110 W per channel which is almost enough to satisfy everyone need for power, but for the price of 1.199 $ we could always use more power. Also it supports 4K resolutions, networking and 3D pass through. Here we have one serious AV receiver so let’s talk about it in



Marantz SR6007 Front

Like we said before we think that Marantz’s philosophy is to give people great looking device, with lots of options, that takes as little room as possible. So after Marantz SR5007, Marantz continues with that design on all of their models.

Marantz SR 6007 dimensions are 17-3/8″ x 6-11/32″ x 15.31″ which is still compact comparable with other companies and it’s weight is 25.13 lbs. On the front side there is no difference between Marantz SR 5007 and  SR6007. There are two large rotary knobs on the front panel. One is for volume increasing/decreasing and one is for choosing the listening input. There is also a cult porthole display with its great looking display. That Marantz display is always cool to see because it’s simple and it gives you every information you need and it doesn’t take a lot of space on device. Under that panel we have fluorescent display and control panel, where can we set almost everything and every function for listening music or watching movies.

So we said before and we will say it again: Marantz has a great design that is classy and slick on the one side and on the other side it’s also beautiful and professional looking!

Of course there is a classical remote with everything you need to enjoy controlling your new technical device like the SR 6007.



Marantz SR6007 Remote


On Marantz SR 6007 we can see bunch of connections and options at the same time. We have 6 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs. There are many analogue inputs including the one that we are always glad to see on A/V receivers and that is PHONO input. Front USB and one front HDMI. On front USB you can connect your favourite Apple device and turn it into a music server. 2 sub woofer inputs, 2 sets of component inputs and 1 output. There is also RS 232, Networking, some composite inputs with combination of 2 coaxial and 2 optical inputs.

There is also an option for second room with separate connections. We also have DLNA option which gives you the opportunity to listen and access your stored digital media. And last but not the least there is also streaming media options like Pandora and Rhapsody with combination of wireless blue-tooth option with built-in tuner.

In connectivity the SR 6007 is almost unbeatable at this moment. (We are still awaiting higher segment of other companies of course). So for the not so low price all we can say that we give Marantz another check in our book cause we really like the opportunities that they give us with their models, with bunch of functions and other options!


Marantz SR6007 Back


Here is some of the cool features of Marantz SR 6007:

  • Advanced Sound and Networking

Marantz SR6007 is a 110W A/V receiver for enjoying in optimal sound anywhere in your residence. It has power amps for all channels and also great networking options that are allowing you to stream music from different sources. There is also option to buy Marantz’s optional adapter RX-101 for connecting it with Bluetooth devices.

  • 3D and high 4K resolution video

There is built-in option for 3D and 4K pass through and upscalling video signals from any 3D source to your HDTV or 4K display.

  • Sending two signals simultaneously

SR6007 is featuring two-zone capabilities and that is for enjoying music from different sources in separate rooms or for watching tv or movie in one and listening music in second room.

  • Audissey Technology

With built-in Audissey technology Marantz SR6007 calibrates your speakers automatically and balance your sound for greater experience of listening music or watching movies.

  • Smart-phone Remote

In every box is a remote, but not in this one! We are kidding! Besides standard remote Marantz is also offering an app called ”Marantz Remote App” for controlling your device through wireless connection on your iOS or Android device!


Music performance

Ok here we have one great device that can go to middle end segment of audio – video receivers but acts like high-end on some segments. Marantz SR 6007 has great stability in sound for this price range and clarity is exceptional.

But let’s start from the beginning. For test of Marantz SR 6007 we used the new album of Porcupine Tree lead singer and guitarist solo album on vinyl like we said we like LP records the most of all and our thoughts are if we can use the phono preamp inside of the device we will! So here we are listening Steven’s Wilson “Grace For Drowning”. All we can say is WOW! The sound is crystal clear for device of this price range, soft, silky and full of details and transparency. This album has a great production for testing many things so we like it a lot lately. Stage presence is great and wide bass is tight and precise. On all tracks we can tell where are the musicians and that is the thing that really surprised us because we are used on that kind of presence on a lot more expensive devices.

Movie performance

For movie performance we used several different Blue-rays, from BBC documentaries like “Planet Earth” and “Human Planet” to action movies like “Batman: The Dark Knight” and we were not disappointed. Sound details were great, clear, wide and precise with just a little distortion in highs on higher volumes. But we can say that this minor bad detail can cause problems because of the room or some small detail so we are not giving minus to Marantz SR 6007. Colors palette was also rich and warm. Picture definition was really on high level with deep blacks and great sharpness in details like skin and fabrics.


Marantz SR 6007 is beautifully designed audio – video receiver that gives you a lot of possibilities, functions and setup options. Sound and picture is way more than good, it’s exceptional. Marantz SR 6007 has everything you need for its price and more. It’s a good entry in higher end segment of A/V devices and it doesn’t have the price of that segment. All in all we really like the new line of Marantz’s receivers and we are eager to finally get our hands on their flagship Marantz SR 7007. And remember one thing: our opinion doesn’t have to be yours.

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